This category contains information about Kerauno's Bolt Softphone module.


Bolt Specific Articles


Integrated Softphone Quick Reference Guide
Machine Requirements Chrome 83+ Laptop / Desktop - users can access the softphone via mobile browser, but notifications are not functional Enabling the Integrated Softphone on a User Once the Integrated Softphone is enabled on the system, you c...
Whitelisting within Kerauno
A Kerauno admin can complete the following steps to whitelist an IP address within Kerauno.  Identify IP Address Navigate to and copy your IPv4 address.  Add New Firewall Rule Next, log into Kerauno ...
Registering with 3rd Party Softphone
Introduction A variety of 3rd party Softphone apps can integrate with Kerauno. Follow the steps provided below or watch a quick video tutorial  of the process.  Introduction Users should work with their Kerauno admin to provision Softp...